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Newsletter March 2023

Dear Readers!

Welcome to our 1st newsletter of the new year 2023.
In this quarter's newsletter, we present news on ...

             - our new FishToximeter II
             - another positive comminssioning test of the 10cells device

With our best regards,
bbe Moldaenke

New FishToximeter II

As many of you know, we had to stop the production of the old FishToximeter because of discontinued parts. Thanks to new camera technology, the fish can be accommodated in a smaller housing

But of course, the technology on which the FishToximeter is based is worth to be continued. So we have developed a new version of the FishToximeter based on the well-known bbe ToxProtect.

We are now able to use the housing and the main components, but we can complement it with either the ToxProtect with light barrier technology or the camera based FishToximeter technology.

This way we have created a new and modern, reliable and better version of our FishToximeter.

We are proud to present you the bbe FishToximeter II

Commissioning test of the bbe 10cells

The bbe 10cells was part of a commissioning test in the 10 to 50 ┬Ám range of the IMO D2 regulation - this time carried out by Ankron Water Services GmbH.

The results are very positive both in terms of accuracy and comparability with ATP measurements. 
The bbe instrument convinced with its light weight, easy handling, no need for chemicals and fast results.
The displays immediately show live cell results and the traffic light indicates that the treatment was successful.
The bbe device was found to be easy to use and fast in displaying results, making it ideal for shipboard use.

Please follow the link to see the hole test description.

More about bbe measuring instruments
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