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Newsletter February 2021

Dear Readers!

Welcome to our 1st newsletter of the new year 2021.
In this quarter's newsletter, we present news on ...

             - FluoroProbe extentions
             - the new video about the bbe method
             - get in touch with us over social media

With our best regards,
bbe Moldaenke

Fluoroprobe ad-on probes

There are always requests for additional parameters to be integrated with our instruments. In a first step we have decided to adapt further parameters as ad-on probes besides the FluoroProbe. At this moment there are different alternatives availables as below:

First option is a Fluoroprobe with a single dissolved oxygen sensor. The measuring principle of the integerated oxygen sensor is based on the leading edge fluorescence quenching so-called optodes which has a long service life amid other type of oxygen sensors.

Second option is a FluoroProbe integerated with a small multiparameter probe. This creates a turn key system with the ability to measure simultaneously parameters like pressure (depth), 5 algae classes, total chlorophyll, water temperature, transmission (turbidity equivalent), yellow substance/CDOM (relative) with dissolved oxygen (ppm, %), pH and electrical conductivity (Salintiy, TDS).

All above mentioned parameters has been implemented in the bbe++ database and can be visualized  in various graphics like depth profile and time series of each parameter.

Animation about bbe algae differentiation

During the lean covid pandemic period of time, with travel banns, we found the right time to explain and visualize the bbe unique measuring principle of algae differentiation in an animation film. This way we are able to communicate and explain our method more easy and also availabe for everyone on our webiste. We are also working on subtitles in more languages, these will follow soon.

See the bbe Video!

Social Networking media

In addition we would like to announce that bbe started active presense in the social media network specially in Linkedin. It is our pleasure to provide you interesting posts regularly in order making it easy for you to get updates about the different applications and features of the bbe product portofolio.

More Information at bbe-moldaenke.de ...
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