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The newest version of bbe 10cells

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

The most accurate ballast water
indicative test instrument
in the world

- Based on IMO D2 guidelines

See IMO video description for more details

  • Lighter in weight

  • Smaller in size

  • True portable unit

  • The most rapid indicative test in the world.

  • Easy data handling (USB)

  • With industrial touch screen

  • Designed for harsh environment

  • User-friendly

bbe 10cells
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30 years of experience

bbe Moldaenke GmbH is a leading manufacturer of algae measuring devices. With decades of experience in this field, bbe is proud to introduce the development of the ultrasensitive 10cells method. The bbe 10cells is a light-weight field instrument for the quantification of living algal cells in ballast water before and after any ballast water treatment.
Enables rapid and easy tests

After the quick filtration of a 10 ml volume with a syringe the measurement of the algae on the filter takes less than one minute. No further sample preparation is needed. Simply turn it on, put the sample in, start the measurement and read the result. A traffic light clearly indicates compliance or noncompliance. The instrument is designed for harsh conditions on board or in the field.
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