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Newsletter July 2019

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to share our July newsletter with you!
In this newsletter, we would like to draw your attention to a practical field application of our AlgaeTorch in the fight against cyanobacteria.

You can find the complete newspaper article under one of the following links.

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bbe Moldaenke

German article
English article

Application of the AlgaeTorch in the fight against cyanobacteria in a German lake

Blue-green algae blooms occurred regularly in the lake Aasee in 2014 and 2015. These blooms represent a significant health problem and the lake therefore had to be periodically closed to the public.

The Wassmann office was commissioned to combat the cyanobacteria by means of ultrasound. The bbe AlgaeTorch - one of bbe’s fluorometric instruments - is suitable to measure the success of the treatment.
Mr. Wassmann is a long-time customer of the bbe Moldaenke GmbH and relies on the AlgaeTorch and the submersible FluoroProbe to measure the content of cyanobacteria in water. (Author of the original article: Bruno Wansing, bocholt.de)

Mr. Wassmann explains the handling of the AlgaeTorch to Mr. Wilke (head of the department of public works, transport, urban green spaces and the environment of the city administration Bocholt). Photo: Bruno Wansing, bocholt.de

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